How it All Started

Hosanna Corporation was founded in 2007 by two women with a desire to make a difference in their community. After many failed attempts, Hosanna Corporation was officially launched in 2011. This was a new venture for both women; one worked as an educator and the other a small business owner. They were excited with a passion to serve and hit the ground running!


Unfortunately, they were hit with another roadblock...the community rejected Hosanna Corporation because of its name; they thought it was a church or another religious institution. The ladies were mortified! Everywhere they went they had to explain in detail what Hosanna Corporation was, which by the time they were finished explaining the other party was no longer interested. Yes, they both believed in a higher power (God) and knew the meaning of Hosanna as the shout of praise or adoration. Nevertheless, they had a problem and needed to rectify it quickly, so dba Hosanna4Youth was created and the community welcomed them with opened hearts!


Hosanna Corporation is a State of Florida registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization EIN# 68-0671966 and

as of 2019, Hosanna Corporation was approved to do business in the State of Georgia.

We believe EVERYONE can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To make a positive impact within the lives of "ALL" people considered at risk by offering programs geared towards mental health, physical wellness, and personal development.


 Vision & Goals

To better the communities that we work, live and play by first helping the people within those communities.